The town of Hendaye turns to world music to kick off its summer festivities. This musical novelty adds a new and eclectic twist to the already rich cultural season.

A melting pot of cultures, Afro-Latino-jazzy-blues inspirations? this festival of world colors will resonate like a universal language, blending exotic notes and bewitching rhythms, weaving links between continents and inviting everyone on a sensory voyage where the vibrations of diversity are harmoniously combined.

New discoveries and headliners?

In making this commitment, the town of Hendaye is demonstrating its commitment to cultural diversity and its desire to promote initiatives that encourage intercultural dialogue and the sharing of artistic riches from all over the world.

Concert - Divertissement - Festival

Musique du monde

  • Du mercredi 3 juillet au vendredi 5 juillet
GPS location Latitude : 43.3601
Longitude : -1.774


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