Hendaye was one of the first French towns to offer water access for people with reduced mobility.

Every summer, it offers the services of a handi beach (level 3), close to the Main Beach lifeguard station.

A team of trained staff accompanies users during their swim.

The TIRALO wheelchair rolls easily over sand and loose or uneven ground.
The principle of traction, using a large handle, facilitates locomotion.

The service is totally free. No reservations are possible.

Safety and support for Handiplage

Beach surveillance hours

  • First-aid post nearby.
  • 3 handiplagists, present from 11.00 am to 7.00 pm

Getting from the parking lot to the beach

  • 8 “handi” parking spaces: 2 drop-off spaces at the corner of boulevard de la Mer and rue des Oliviers and 8 parking spaces in the Florida parking lot will be reserved for people with disabilities.
  • Level access.
  • Equipped bearings (hard floor).


  • Reception area
  • Special mat for wheelchairs
  • Shelter from the sun: tent

Specific equipment

  • 7 tiralos available

Sanitary facilities and services

  • Adapted WC less than 100m away
  • Accessible shower
  • Accessible checkroom
  • Nearby beverage sales
Handiplage Tiralo - Hendaye Tourisme