In addition to the Patron Saint, they celebrate the famous Hendayan corsair Etienne Pellot, back on his land.

Dates: January 19 to 28, 2024

Bixintxo - Aerial view of the companies in front of the Town Hall - Hendaye Tourisme

Having escaped from his English jailers, he arrives from Portugal dressed as a pilgrim, after passing through Santiago de Compostela.
Pellot is back today with his “Neskatxa”.

Tamborrada (a parade of companies to the sound of drums), Basque dances, funfair… all add to the rhythm of the week.

The first weekend will see the Pellot parade accompanied by children from local schools, and the omelette competition.

Saturday afternoon will see the dress rehearsal for the tamborrada (drum company parade) and a pintxo pote in the town center. There will also be mutxiko (Basque dancing) on Sunday morning and a traditional show at the Daniel Ugarte fronton.

The second weekend will include the famous 2-on-2 barehand pelota match as part of the Spanish championship, followed by the Tamborrada parade and the Hendaye choir concert.

The Bixintxo video