Zanzibar is ready for anything, and everything is ready! Everything is planned, because anything can happen, and it's better to be prepared - you never know!

Running time: 45 minutes.
Numbers: Big ball juggling, bag juggling, 3 diabolos on the free ladder in the finale.

Animation Jeune Public - Spectacle

Arts de la rue - Arts vivants - Humour

  • Le mardi 30 juillet , à 18h30
GPS location Latitude : 43.3714
Longitude : -1.78483


Apéro Lasai avec Keep Smiling Trio

Apéro Lasai avec Keep Smiling Trio

Their names are Mickael, Antton and Olivier, and they form the acoustic trio Keep Smilin? Packed with talent, they are friends first and foremost, and like to get together to share their…