Ihintza-Chloë Hargous is developing a multi-disciplinary body of work with plastic, poetic and conceptual intentions. She captures what she finds remarkable in her immediate environment, in everyday life and its minute events, as if she were renewing at every moment the effort to look at the world with childlike eyes.

The focal point of her artistic approach lies in the notion of the boundary between physical and psychic space. The artist wishes to invite us to look at her work as a mirror of ourselves.



  • Du jeudi 2 mai au samedi 1 juin
GPS location Latitude : 43.3713
Longitude : -1.78442


L’atelier de Lola - Les vacances en bord de mer

L’atelier de Lola - Les vacances en bord de mer

Registration required. Sign-enhanced activities at the multimedia library. Come and discover a new way of telling stories with Lola. A unique experience for young children accompanied by their parents, grandparents, childminders and?…