Through photographs taken in 2015 and 2020 on the rocky Basque coast by the IFREMER team in Anglet, discover the richness and diversity of the animals and plants of this coastline particularly exposed to the swell of the Bay of Biscay.

These scientific images represent a selection from several projects carried out by the Laboratoire Environnement Ressources d'Arcachon.

The shared aim of these projects is to assess the ecological state of the environment and improve scientists' knowledge of biodiversity. During these research projects, individuals from the fauna and flora that cannot be identified on site are collected.

At the same time, photos are systematically taken in the field.

This exhibition is both a tribute to the fieldwork carried out by oceanographic scientists and to the associated discoveries.


Nature - Photographie

  • Du samedi 29 juin au dimanche 22 septembre
GPS location Latitude : 43.3776
Longitude : -1.7388