Reservation required.

Let yourself be enchanted by the sumptuous decoration of Abbadia and access some archive elements.

Exceptionally share a coffee or fruit juice around a 19th century table for a moment of exchange and coexistence.
Antoine de Abbadie will have no secrets for you!

It is advisable to show up at the reception of the Château 15 minutes before. It will no longer be possible to reach the visit after its start.
PMR parking only on the Château grounds


Patrimoine culturel

  • Le samedi 16 décembre , de 10h00 à 12h00
Prices 19.90 €
GPS location Latitude : 43.3775
Longitude : -1.73841


L’atelier de Lola - Les vacances en bord de mer

L’atelier de Lola - Les vacances en bord de mer

Registration required. Sign-enhanced activities at the multimedia library. Come and discover a new way of telling stories with Lola. A unique experience for young children accompanied by their parents, grandparents, childminders and?…