Car park and parking information

Parking control is a major challenge, as are shuttle services and the construction of cycle lanes.


The price per hour varies:

·         In the red zone: €1.40

·         In the blues zone: €1.20

Payment methods:

·         Cash (coins accepted from €0.20 upwards)

·         Bankcard (all cards are accepted)

Map of paid parking areas in Hendaye


  • Disabled people: free parking in the spaces reserved for this purpose if you are displaying your GIC/GIG card (disabled persons' parking card).

·         Car parks: the car park in Rue des Orangers requires payment in the summer and is free of charge in the winter. The Sokoburu car park requires payment all year round.

·         Rue Armatonde: requires payment from July 1 to August 31.

·         6 council staff have the task of supervising the various zones and car parks (69 parking meters).

·         If the parking meter is broken: go to the nearest one. Please report the breakdown by calling the town hall ( stating the number of the defective parking meter.

·         "Pick-up and drop-off area": You are allowed 10 minutes.

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