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A parking and service area is located in Rue Ansoenia (opposite the Hendaye Plage SNCF railway station) with a capacity of 25 vehicles.

Parking is available for 24 hours (up to a maximum of 3 days) for a price of €10 payable by bank card with an electronic barrier at the entrance which records your arrival and departure times, for which the payment terminal will debit your bank account for the time spent inside the area calculated in 24-hour blocks.

Each day started is payable in full.


2 parking spaces outside the paid area are provided for the following services:

  • A waste water disposal point: free of charge
  • A drinking water filling station with two access points: €2 per 100 litres
  • An electrical connection with two access points: €2 for 1 hour’s recharging

Informations for camping-cars in Hendaye


Due to the high tourist numbers, during the summer (from May 1 to October 31) the regulations prohibit parking in Boulevard de la Mer and the adjacent streets and on Boulevard de la Baie de Txingudi, for vehicles over 2 m wide and weighing more than 3.5 tonnes.


The "Parking" department will ensure compliance with the applicable rules and regulations.

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