Do you care about Biodiversity?

Would you like to find out more about the world of insects?

The 1,000 bees?
Social or solitary?
Beetles ?
What are they?
Take a break in the company of active C.P.I.E. volunteers.

They'll share their knowledge with you, in a fun way, to help you discover, understand and observe these indispensable little creatures that we come into contact with every day, but often without knowing their "identity".

At the end of the activity, for those who wish, we'll give you information on a participative science program, open to the general public, called SPIPOLL (Suivi Photographique des Insectes POLLinisateurs).

We'll be staying close to Asporotsttipi, the home of the Corniche Basque, an unspoilt spot where nature can express itself more easily thanks to "reasoned management" of the site.


Animaux - Développement durable

  • Le samedi 1 juin , de 14h15 à 16h00
GPS location Latitude : 43.3776
Longitude : -1.73882


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