Take part in a stroll through the remains, followed by geopolitical explanations of the construction and garrison. Demonstrations of the skills used in the construction of the lower battery will be presented.
The fort built by Louis XIV, based on the palisaded defense tower designed by the engineer Poupard, is much more modest than the one imagined by the royal engineer Jacques Alleaume, when he came to Hendaye in August 1618. Nevertheless, the fortress was part of Louis XIV's plan for greatness, both for himself and for his people. The city of Fontarabie was impressed, and Hendayans found relative peace...
Free with reservation. Departure from the lower esplanade of Halles Gaztelu at 3pm.

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Patrimoine culturel

  • Le samedi 25 mai , à 15h00
GPS location Latitude : 43.3599
Longitude : -1.77428


L’atelier de Lola - Les vacances en bord de mer

L’atelier de Lola - Les vacances en bord de mer

Registration required. Sign-enhanced activities at the multimedia library. Come and discover a new way of telling stories with Lola. A unique experience for young children accompanied by their parents, grandparents, childminders and?…