Lore is a gardener and is absorbed in his work and habits. She controls everything, at least that's what she thinks...

Slowly, Lore perceives something far and then closer to it. It upsets him in his work and in his life.

As he progresses, Lore's punishments are exposed. In the show, the visual, audible, verbal, invisible language reveals the complexity of the character who seeks its uniqueness. A show of dance, theater, music and singing full of humor and poetry.


  • Le dimanche 3 mars , à 11h00
Prices Free
GPS location Latitude : 43.3713
Longitude : -1.78459


Apéro Lasai avec Keep Smiling Trio

Apéro Lasai avec Keep Smiling Trio

Their names are Mickael, Antton and Olivier, and they form the acoustic trio Keep Smilin? Packed with talent, they are friends first and foremost, and like to get together to share their…