For this spring art exhibition, we're delighted to welcome Christophe PAVIA, a versatile Hendayan artist who has been a constant companion on our educational and cultural projects.

Like a herbalist mixing preparations from plants, flowers and various ingredients with different media, we invite you to discover a union, a marriage, a "mes tissages", an assemblage, a fusion offered by nature on the Abbadia estate and the Corniche Basque.

The exhibition - installation, laboratory, cabinet of curiosities - will offer a veritable crossroads of creations assembled together, from thread to needle?

Christophe: "My career as an artist working with plant sculptures since 2005 has taken me all over the world, and above all, has enabled me to take part in various flower-related events in parks and gardens...


Arts créatifs/Arts plastiques - Fleurs plantes - Nature

  • Du samedi 30 mars au dimanche 23 juin
GPS location Latitude : 43.3776
Longitude : -1.7388