White facades and coloured timber, the villas of Hendaye will enchant you.

White facades and coloured timber, the villas of Hendaye will enchant you.


Despite the considerable increase in tourism during the last century, the villas and other buildings erected at the start of the 20th century are still a showcase for Hendaye's preserved seafront.
Aware of this heritage, the town council made an inventory and a census of around seventy buildings of Neo-Regionalist inspiration which, incidentally, are listed by the town authorities.

Edmond DURANDEAU (1878-1960), an architect born in Angoulême but adopted by Hendaye, is known for his original and modern constructions. He planned to turn Hendaye into one of the foremost seaside towns on the Atlantic coast.
He designed the "Masion Rouge" and the current Bellevue Hotel, formerly baptised "Mendi Azpian", among other buildings.

Henry MARTINET is at the origin of the Eskualduna Hotel. Built between 1912 and 1922, it was the scene for all society life when bathing in the sea was the fashion. Since 1951, the impressive building has been turned into flats and shops.  It is still one of the tallest buildings in the beach district.



This style saw the light at the start of the 20th century. Actually, it is a "modern" version of a traditional farmhouse, with a white façade and wooden half-timbering. The architects took the licence of adding new materials (stone...), an asymmetrical roof and more windows opening on to the outside.
They also open onto the street: the sidewalks are raised. Important work has been done on the façades, which were once a letter of introduction showing the social success of the owners at that time.


St Vincent Church

Built in 1598, rebuilt several times after a series of fires and bombings, the church finally underwent a complete renovation in 1968. A beautiful 13th century cross presides over the Holy Sacrament's chapel. In the nave there are three solid wood galleries, reserved initially for men, according to the custom in Basque churches. On the outside, to the right, stands a classified stone cross, erected by Fulcanelli.

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